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DIPS ACADEMYis an educational wing of Dubey’s Information Pool and Solutions (DIPS) Pvt. Ltd. It is India’s first and only organization focused exclusively on MATHEMATICS for all Higher level competitive examinations like CSIR-NET, GATE, Civil Services, MCA etc.

DIPS ACADEMY has been founded by Mr. Rajendra Dubey, member of Board of Directors DIPS Pvt. Ltd. Along with a team of expert Mathematician from various IIT’s and other reputed Universities. Ever since it was founded, DIPS has been growing at a breath taking pace. Over the last 8 years DIPS students are achieving a new height in all kind of research institutes and other high profile jobs. It is the India’s largest result producer training centre in the higher level exam like NET and GATE. Also apart from this, DIPS Academy has good results in the very high profile job IAS.


Rajendra Dubey has, for over 20 years worked in the Indian panorama as an Educationist and Technoenterpreneur. He has been instrumental in establishing DIPS Academy, one of the pioneer student care facilities for higher education in India. He is the founder of DIPS India Pvt Ltd and the current CEO of Parikshaguru.Pvt.Ltd which is his brainchild and which caters the all types of need of exams even you are living in remote areas. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the mathematical society of India, the regulatory body for all related professionals in India.

Rajendra Dubey is viewed as a one of the pioneers of the industry in India, and is frequently called upon as an advisor to the ministry in the government. Further, He has led several peace & social harmony campaigns in conjunction with various social clubs and has been involved in the constant upliftment of the various underdeveloped segments in Indian society. Being a great human, he strongly believes in human values & relations. Being an IIT Delhi alumni, he is very fun loving,can make you laugh any where anytime. Infact, he is an optimized mix of capitalistic & socialistic ideologies as every IITian does so.



  •     Class Room Program

* Exclusive NET Batch (ENB) And GATE Batch (EGB)
* IIT-JAM Batch
* IAS-Main Batches
* IAS-Foundation Batches
* JNU M.Tech Batch
* DLP /Weekend/Part Time Program for NET
* DLP /Weekend/Part TimeProgram for JAM

  •  Correspondence Program

* Correspondence Program for NET
* Correspondence Program for JAM

  •     Counselling and Information

* DIPSCounseling and Information Cell

  •     Online & Offline Test Series

* DIPS academy provides correspondence as well as Online & Offline Test Series available for NET/JRF , GATE, JAM .These test series start time to time according to the date of examination of above said competitive exam.

  •     Week end Program(DLP)

* DLP (Weekend NET Batch): 13-July-2014


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