GATE 2015: Why Is It of Importance to Young Engineers? Part1

04 Jul
GATE 2015: Why Is It of Importance to Young Engineers? Part1

A lot of young students ask me this question? Instead, they are more inclined to make careers in different fields, except Engineering, like Banking (IBPS exams), Civil Services and other SSC exams. The reason for this is twofold. One, the declining number of campus placements for Engineering graduates, and number two, the declining quality of Engineering education delivery in Colleges. Both these reasons have affected the students as well as the psychology of general public towards engineering education and a career option.

But, all these notions about Engineering do not consider one fundamental fact, that Engineering forms the basis of modern civilization and the importance of it is far from over. In fact, young graduates should keep themselves more informed and up to date in regards to the latest Engineering trends, rather than thinking of changing their field, altogether. One more reason, for young graduates shifting career lines swiftly, is that when you pass out of an Engineering college, the main motto is to earn money and be successful. And, clearing non technical government exams is deemed easy for these graduates. But, one wrong step in the wrong direction, while choosing a career can lead to a lifelong feeling of helplessness and frustration.

The main aim of this article is NOT criticism of what young Engineering students think, but to give them an idea of how the four years of their life, when utilised to think rationally and with reason can give them a life of success and happiness. So, how can a Graduate Engineer make a successful career and lead a happy life? Furthermore, all the negative notions and anxiety, leading young Engineering students to take wrong decisions in their career is because, like OLD Days, CAREER and FUTURE are still the two most important things of concern for them. According to my personal opinion, a good career and future depends upon:

1. Awareness
2. Desire to succeed
3. Positive Attitude by being involved in right: ENVIRONMENT, EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE
4. Strategic Planning
5. Dedication
6. Hard Work

The major structural conflict in the minds of today’s young engineers is that almost 90% of them think that they are unworthy of a good engineering job and career and feel powerless. The current reality and their negative attitude make it tough for them to achieve their goals and visions. But, they completely forget, that they have been given a chance to spend 4 years of their life to think as logically as is possible, be rational and reasonable in their approach towards a problem. Therefore, they should use all the tricks and guidance received during their 4 years at any Engineering college to build a great career, and believe me Engineering is the way to go in the future!

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