31 Jul

India has over 650 universities having more than 35,000 colleges but unfortunately, most of the colleges have the equivalent examination system, a system that helps students get a degree and students also get it with ease by cramming and writing the proofs or solving some repeated questions in the past examination. Almost not percent colleges have teaching system that helps student to develop research skills like IITs and some other prestigious institutes. A large number of students want to go for further studies that demands deep knowledge of previous years learning but very few of them have actually and hence they find it difficult to clear the various entrance exams or in particular CSIR-UGC NET exam.

CSIR-UGC NET exam is being rated as one of the most challenging competitive exams, however it is not that difficult to clear once you have an experienced and trusted adviser who can help you choose a well defined strategy. Now a million dollar question- what is that well defined strategy in this competition era? DIPS academy understands the importance of it and provides its students an experienced and trusted adviser Mr. Rajendra Dubey , an IIT alumnus ,having over 25 years of teaching experience, along with a technology based solution that helps students understand that where are they standing after taking their class test at DIPS and what all improvement they need in their study methodology.

The software used at dips academy evaluates the class test OMR sheet and provides analysis of the tests on as many as 13 parameters. Few to mention- Rank, Percentage, Percentile, Accuracy, Aptitude and some fundamental like attempted and unattempted percentage or correct and incorrect percentage. This advance reporting system of tests at dips academy helps students diagnose and make remedies for their problem areas. More over after the tests the students share their doubts with the faculty with crystal clear statements of the problem.

In this IT revolution era DIPS ACADEMY is also keeping pace with time and having a wonderful online test application for the students. This application not only provides the independence form geographical boundaries for taking tests but also works as depositary for their tests progress records. From anywhere and anytime students can access their account and get the latest trend, issues and weakness in their progress!

DIPS ACADEMY is an educational wing of Dubey’s Information Pool and Solutions (DIPS) Pvt. Ltd. It is India’s first and only organization focused exclusively on MATHEMATICS for all Higher level competitive examinations like CSIR-NET, GATE, Civil Services, MCA etc. by providing all the facilities that meet the students needs.



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