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Online Test Series for IIT-JAM

test series

Dips Academy provides all India test series for IIT-JAM and NET. IIT-JAM Test Series Start From: 1, September-2014.

NET Test Series Start from: 1, October-2014, visit website ( start your online test Now.

For more details- Contact

Dips Academy

Address:- Dips House: 27-J, Jia Sarai, Hauz Khas, Delhi – 110016

Contact:- 011 – 26525686, 9899161734



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India has over 650 universities having more than 35,000 colleges but unfortunately, most of the colleges have the equivalent examination system, a system that helps students get a degree and students also get it with ease by cramming and writing the proofs or solving some repeated questions in the past examination. Almost not percent colleges have teaching system that helps student to develop research skills like IITs and some other prestigious institutes. A large number of students want to go for further studies that demands deep knowledge of previous years learning but very few of them have actually and hence they find it difficult to clear the various entrance exams or in particular CSIR-UGC NET exam.

CSIR-UGC NET exam is being rated as one of the most challenging competitive exams, however it is not that difficult to clear once you have an experienced and trusted adviser who can help you choose a well defined strategy. Now a million dollar question- what is that well defined strategy in this competition era? DIPS academy understands the importance of it and provides its students an experienced and trusted adviser Mr. Rajendra Dubey , an IIT alumnus ,having over 25 years of teaching experience, along with a technology based solution that helps students understand that where are they standing after taking their class test at DIPS and what all improvement they need in their study methodology.

The software used at dips academy evaluates the class test OMR sheet and provides analysis of the tests on as many as 13 parameters. Few to mention- Rank, Percentage, Percentile, Accuracy, Aptitude and some fundamental like attempted and unattempted percentage or correct and incorrect percentage. This advance reporting system of tests at dips academy helps students diagnose and make remedies for their problem areas. More over after the tests the students share their doubts with the faculty with crystal clear statements of the problem.

In this IT revolution era DIPS ACADEMY is also keeping pace with time and having a wonderful online test application for the students. This application not only provides the independence form geographical boundaries for taking tests but also works as depositary for their tests progress records. From anywhere and anytime students can access their account and get the latest trend, issues and weakness in their progress!

DIPS ACADEMY is an educational wing of Dubey’s Information Pool and Solutions (DIPS) Pvt. Ltd. It is India’s first and only organization focused exclusively on MATHEMATICS for all Higher level competitive examinations like CSIR-NET, GATE, Civil Services, MCA etc. by providing all the facilities that meet the students needs.



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Crack Competitive Examinations With Coaching Institutes in Delhi

Crack Competitive Examinations With Coaching Institutes in Delhi

As the aura of education keeps expanding its horizon throughout numerous dimensions; challenges and competitions from various fields also sprouted from one phase to more highly standards of education. Aspirants who want to excel and serve their country are very much on their verge to take a step that would mould them perfectly in facing any challenge that would prop out in escalating education aspects of the country as well as the entire world. In order to make these aspirants reach their targeted destinations, many good coaching centers and institutes are mushroomed with well equipped technology, tools, informations and guidance to sharpen their brains and qualify various examinations of the country.

Entrance examinations have become the most current buzz and the important part of career building in every student’s life. As almost all the courses provided by the colleges of India today conduct tests to take admission in respective courses, therefore, students from all across the country apply for entrance examinations. Nowadays, qualifying examinations have proved to be a kind of license for students in pursuing their any chosen course or academic degree or service and in further proceeding with it. This concept is taken by the students as well justified which let them keep up their spirits to seek an admission for a coaching class based on the subject of their choice and interest.

There are various excellent coaching institutes in Delhi based upon various academic fields and respective services. Civil Service Examination/UPSC is regarded as the toughest examination in the country. It includes IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS etc; these are some of the premier services in India that offers a quality, attractive and challenging career for everyone with endless enthusiasm and reputation. Getting into one these services will make an individual handle all government affairs, the framing, implementation of policies at the central and district level and other important functioning of the country. To make aspirants crack this Civil Service Examination with confidence, coaching institutes like RAU’S, Vajiram, Chanakya etc are established with high standards of discipline, quality academic learning, good ambient and sound management.

Coming to the field of engineering, there is great improvement in the number of applications pouring in from entire parts of the nation for AIEEE, IIT JEE, GATE, etc. to get admitted into the top engineering colleges. This makes it clear that engineering discipline is not running out of track. It keeps on advancing with the proceeding years. To drive students success in pursuing this dynamic field, AIEEE coaching institutes, IIT-JEE coaching institutes and GATE coaching institutes are making their best way to provide guidance, strategic study plan, relevant study materials, perfect information with solved papers and conduct mock tests to make them able to face any exam pattern with esteem. Some distinguished AIEEE coaching institutes in Delhi are: – Core Academy, FIIT-JEE Limited, Brilliant Tutorials, and Career Point etc. Similarly if we seek for apt IIT JEE coaching institutes in Delhi: we will stumble upon names such as: – Aakash, Bansal Classes, FIITJEE Limited etc. Some of the names which stands out from the rest when it comes to GATE coaching institutes are: MADE EASY DELHI, Dronacharya (for Electronics and Electrical), GATE Forum Delhi (for test series)

For students who have utmost interest in MBA also have the golden chances in getting through it by clearing those exams like CAT, XAT, and MAT etc. Here, Verbal Ability, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Ability are the three basic segments that applied in these examinations to scrutinize only the eligible candidates. Good coaching centers in Delhi regarding MBA are Career Makers, Genesis, Career school, TIME, Trump and Gates, etc.

There are also excellent coaching centers for exams like NET, JRF and SLET. Some well known coaching institutes for such exams are Gyanbindu academy, VPM Classes, Dips Academy etc.

It is always better do a bit of intricate research on the internet pertaining to its performance, resources, admission fees and faculties before you select any suitable coaching institute. These institutes are offering tutorial classes that will help such aspiring individuals amazingly to fulfill their lives goal based on educational qualification with hope and confidence.

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GATE 2015: Why Is It of Importance to Young Engineers? Part1

GATE 2015: Why Is It of Importance to Young Engineers? Part1

A lot of young students ask me this question? Instead, they are more inclined to make careers in different fields, except Engineering, like Banking (IBPS exams), Civil Services and other SSC exams. The reason for this is twofold. One, the declining number of campus placements for Engineering graduates, and number two, the declining quality of Engineering education delivery in Colleges. Both these reasons have affected the students as well as the psychology of general public towards engineering education and a career option.

But, all these notions about Engineering do not consider one fundamental fact, that Engineering forms the basis of modern civilization and the importance of it is far from over. In fact, young graduates should keep themselves more informed and up to date in regards to the latest Engineering trends, rather than thinking of changing their field, altogether. One more reason, for young graduates shifting career lines swiftly, is that when you pass out of an Engineering college, the main motto is to earn money and be successful. And, clearing non technical government exams is deemed easy for these graduates. But, one wrong step in the wrong direction, while choosing a career can lead to a lifelong feeling of helplessness and frustration.

The main aim of this article is NOT criticism of what young Engineering students think, but to give them an idea of how the four years of their life, when utilised to think rationally and with reason can give them a life of success and happiness. So, how can a Graduate Engineer make a successful career and lead a happy life? Furthermore, all the negative notions and anxiety, leading young Engineering students to take wrong decisions in their career is because, like OLD Days, CAREER and FUTURE are still the two most important things of concern for them. According to my personal opinion, a good career and future depends upon:

1. Awareness
2. Desire to succeed
3. Positive Attitude by being involved in right: ENVIRONMENT, EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE
4. Strategic Planning
5. Dedication
6. Hard Work

The major structural conflict in the minds of today’s young engineers is that almost 90% of them think that they are unworthy of a good engineering job and career and feel powerless. The current reality and their negative attitude make it tough for them to achieve their goals and visions. But, they completely forget, that they have been given a chance to spend 4 years of their life to think as logically as is possible, be rational and reasonable in their approach towards a problem. Therefore, they should use all the tricks and guidance received during their 4 years at any Engineering college to build a great career, and believe me Engineering is the way to go in the future!

Resource: EzineArticles

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